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Thread: Knee pain - recently fused to sacrum

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    Knee pain - recently fused to sacrum

    Dear Scoli Friends ~

    In October I was fused from L3 through the sacrum. (Previously fused T4 - L3) I can feel that my walking style is different without the old pelvic motion and I am guessing that's the reason I'm experiencing some knee pain after being on my feet.

    Has that happened to any of you?

    If so, did it decrease with time?

    I appreciate hearing your experience!
    Ginger Woolley

    Oct 2018, L3 - S1, Anterior & Posterior, Dr Sigurd Berven, UCSF, San Francisco
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    Yes and yes.

    It takes a long time for soft tissues to adapt....many months. New sneakers with foam inserts are heavenly, and use walking sticks or ski poles.

    49 yr old male, now 61, the new 61...
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    Bending and twisting pics after full fusion

    My x-rays

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    Some Suggestions

    Hi Ginger,

    Based upon my own experience and what I have read [including posts in this forum] I do think that fused spines put additional stress on joints both up AND down from the fused spine. That certainly includes the knees. I would second Ed's suggestions: get good running shoes [with a good heel cup & use a good insole]. One relatively inexpensive shoe that works for me is: Silver Combo Saucony Grid Stratos 5 Women's Running Shoes. Also , in this shoe I always place an insole recommended by my Sports Medicine Doctor: Green SuperFeet []. I find that I have to wear this type of shoe AND the insole if I don't want my knees to hurt. Occasionally if I need to wear dressier shoes I can only do for a short time period without paying a price with painful knees. To me this is good evidence that if I can stabilize my feet when I walk/hike, I can protect my knees.

    I typically have to replace my shoes at about 6 months [even though they look fine]. I've started recording the date when I start using a new pair of shoes so I don't have to find out they are worn out with knee pain. The Superfeet last a bit longer [maybe a year]. I hope this helps you, Terry
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