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    And yet he calls it National Scoliosis Forum? And Jo does sit on bodies set up for Scoliosis I think he advises on SOSORT? Trouble is that scoliosis is so neglected in its treatment that it allows individuals to go far...
    I think you are correct about being associated with SOSORT. But it must be as a patient advocate because the guy is an MBA. He appears to be unlettered in any science related to scoliosis. I am unlettered in this field. So are most people. The only lettered person I have ever seen on this forum was the muscle physiology PhD person. I think there was a bone biology PhD at some point but I don't know if they worked on scoliosis.

    I spoke to Joe once and he is very knowledgeable. He is the one who told me there are only three major groups around the world working on scoliosis etiology. He runs the group as he sees fit. And because I don't agree with some aspects, I have never contributed monetarily. If he ran a tight ship on the forum I certainly would contribute monetarily.
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