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Thread: Rods Conduct Heat?

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    Rods Conduct Heat?

    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this. I recently went back to physical therapy because my leg and back muscles still need some work. At the end of a session, the therapist put heating pads on my back. (Pre surgery, I used heat all the time.) After a few minutes I started to feel a weird sensation along my spine and it quickly turned to burning. I had to take the pads off immediately. Later I realized that it had to be the rods and pins conducting heat. I had never felt anything like that in all my years of heating pads.
    It never occurred to me that this might be an issue.

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    I have not had that specific experience but I do know the rods can get warm or cold. I live in a co!d area and if I am not covered by many layers of clothes in the winter i have to sit in a warm tub of water to beat them up. Once they are heated up sometimes it makes me warm inside.
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