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Thread: One year post T1-Sacrum

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    Smile One year post T1-Sacrum

    Hey Kids,
    Just had my 1 year follow up with Dr. Lawrence G. Lenke. He is located in NYC, by the way. He is pleased enough with the work that a filmed presentation of my case is in the works for July 27. I can recommend Dr.Lenke with the utmost enthusiasm. I am unsure that anyone could have accomplished what he did in the 13.5 hours I was opened up. My spine had begun to fuse, (I could no longer lay flat and my head touch) and just for laughs I guess it decided to get my spinal cord involved. He had sore hands the next day from chiseling bone, and had to repair 3 tears in my dura where it had adhered to bone. It took another 3.5 hours to sufficiently reduce the fentanyl/ketamine drip to a level he was comfortable with. He arrived at 6 AM on July 10, 2017 and did not leave until the calendar had turned to July 11. I still experience what Ed refers to as "bear trap" full torso back muscle spasms, which can last for hours. My neck took a beating while I procrastinated, so that is the next job. I will attach a jpeg of a recent MRI of my cervical spine. Doctor Lenke is something special as far as I am concerned. If you are in bad shape, and can possibly make the trip, do so. I don't think you will find many other, if any, scoli surgeons with his skill set. He is breathing rarefied air, to be sure. RJM
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    You are a challenging spine case.... I am so glad it all worked out.

    The amount of dedication and the striving for excellence by Dr Lenke is something that many people don't know or realize. It's a lifetime..... There is no doubt that this man is a profound leader in spine, and deformity surgery. Its great to have surgeons like him around. You only appreciate these sorts of things after your life has been saved. All scoliosis patients owe this man gratitude for his work. Thank You Dr Lenke!

    Is he going to do your neck? If so, what is he thinking as far as procedure and levels?

    Be sure to let us know on the video. Would love to see it.

    I hope your not spasming. Spasms are incredibly painful. The bear traps I talk about are the thoracic gripping sensation (In the surgical zone) which isn't an intense sort of pain but they hold for many hours which causes fatigue. Spasms are usually quick several minute maximum events which do resolve in time. Spasms are the worst pain. I had them happen before my surgeries.....

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