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Thread: Scoiosis AND Periooheral Neuropathy?

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    Scoliosis AND Peripheral Neuoropathy?

    I'm a male, age 68, diagnosed with severe idiopathic dorsal scoliosis at age 10 in 1959 -- treated successfully with spinal fusion (6 vertebrae in lower thoracic region) and confinement to a body cast. I made an excellent recovery until I developed sciatica at age 62 -- attributed to mild and slow-acting curvature below the fused potion, and which diminished without further treatment after several months.

    But about a year and a half later, I began to experience some deterioration in both my sense of balance and personal mobility; previously, and despite a difference of about 30 per cent in the size (girth and weight) of my legs, I had been able to walk up to 20 miles daily in my job as an order picker. This capacity has diminished drastically, and forced me into an involuntary retirement.

    Although physical endurance does not seem to be an issue in and of itself, I now find my gait considerably shorter -- more of a "shuffling" pattern, will experience a desire to lean forward after about 1/2 mile, and will have to rest, either seated or leaning on an upright structure. Staircases also present a challenge, particularly when descending as my left leg (the larger of the two) won't extend forward sufficiently to descend one step a time for each foot in the commonly-practiced fashion; the problem appears to be gradually becoming more pronounced, and will intensify when carrying anything -- even of negligible weight; similar problems arise when walking on broken ground,

    An Electromyogram (EMG) done last month revealed diminished feeling in both heels, but minor (same-day) surgery for a non-related (thyroid) and non-life-threatening issue has delayed an intensified, presumably holistic, approach until now, and any comments, particularly with regard to any relationship between the two issues, would be appreciated.
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