I started Schroth physical therapy a few weeks ago and it's been like a miracle for me. I am fused from T3 - sacrum after 2 surgeries but started developing a further upper thoracic curve and an additional neck curve. I kept telling my last surgeon that I felt like I was curving more. My right shoulder was getting higher and higher and i was walking more bent over to my left than ever. I went to 3 NY surgeons (Lenke, Lonner, Cunningham) and Dr Cunningham suggested to give Schroth a try. I was so skeptical, and was mentally preparing myself for my 3rd surgery. But I figured it was worth a try. So after a few weeks of PT, my shoulders are pretty much straight and my neck curve seems better. The best part is that I walk straighter and I usually do not have pain anymore. When i look in the mirror I am shocked to see my shoulders straight. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it basically strengthens and lengthens your inner rib cage muscles by breathing into them. Believe me it sounds hokey, but I can feel how much longer and stronger those inner muscles are now when i do the exercises. So picture your rib cage collapsing because it no longer moves with your spine. Mine was getting all crunched up and shorter if that makes sense. It's all subtle but amazing. I don't know if many people get a curve to reverse but I do believe it can help for those of us post surgery who are continuing to have problems. I'll post before after pictures when I get them in a few weeks from my PT.