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But I wonder what happens with these kids as they mature? What happens if or when they decide to stop using the brace? I could imagine the spine returning over some time....Chances are the majority of the correction has to do with the brace.
The spine will return to where it was assuming successful bracing. Bracing does not correct curves and nobody claims they do. The best hope is that they arrest progression.

The $64,000 question about bracing, even given the BrAIST study, is does it allow some patients who would otherwise need surgery to avoid surgery for life? We can say with some certainly that in many brace cases, because the curve after even "successful" bracing was > 30*, that these patients cannot be assured their efforts let them avoid surgery. Bracing likely only delays surgery for these larger "successful" bracing cases. Recall that in BrAIST, a 49* curve with up to 25% growth remaining was scored as a "success". I think we know for a fact that some of these "successes" will be failures at some point in the not too distant future.

There is a reason they didn't publish the Cobbs for the "successful" curves. And I think it is the same reason one of the authors ignored my direct question about this issue.