My daughter, 12 1/2, was just diagnosed with scoliosis. Her T6-T11 curve is 33 deg to the right, and T12-L3 curve is 20 deg to the left. We have not yet met with the specialist, but from the pediatrician feedback and all of our reading it seems all but certain that she will need a brace.

We live close to AI DuPont Nemours in Wilmington DE, but could travel to Philadelphia (CHOP, Shriners) or Baltimore (Hopkins).

The reading online about different bracing options is a bit overwhelming: Boston, Providence, Wilmington, RSC, etc... From the previous threads, I've seen some positive feedback on the RSC Brace System (Rigo-System Cheneau). For the Wilmington Brace, which was developed at Nemours, I've not found much. I'm a bit worried about my lack of information on that brace, since Nemours may be inclined to prescribe that one?

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts/experiences with different braces, including your thoughts on their relative levels of discomfort. I realize that there are no easy options, but I figure the more anecdotal information that I have ahead of the specialist visit, the better.