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Thread: 10 year anniversary, saying "hi", and health update

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    You are all so kind and understanding. Thank you for your notes of sympathy. Am about to go visit (1,000 miles away) the couple who lost the twins. The babies should have been born in August, so we want to be there.

    BTW - got a notice from photobucket that my pics are not allowed to be on here through them... so I will take the no-longer-working links off. Photobucket had been suggested by TXMM a LONG time ago. Not trying to erase myself from you, ok? Hmmmm - just tried it and they still work so I'll hold off a little while longer.

    Love to all of you.
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    67 and plugging along...
    2007 52 w/ severe lumbar stenosis & L2L3 lateral listhesis (side shift)
    5/4/07 posterior spinal fusion T2-L4 w/ laminectomies and osteotomies @L2L3, L3L4
    Dr. Kim Hammerberg, Rush Univ. Medical Center in Chicago

    Corrected to 15
    CMT (type 2) DX in 2014, progressing
    NEW 10/2018 x-rays show spondylolisthesis at L4/L5 - Dr. DeWald is monitoring

    Click to view my pics: pics of scoli x-rays digital x-rays, and pics of me

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