"Bone Remodeling
The phenomenon of cellular turnover or remodeling of bone is a process that occurs on the surface of various portions of bone (periosteal, endosteal, trabecular, and haversian canal). Generally, bone remodeling is a lifelong activity that responds to mechanical stress (torsion bending, compression, tension) according to Wolff’s law.3 In simplified terms, Wolff’s law states that intermittent physiologic loads applied to bone stimulate adaptive responses. Removal of mechanical forces on the bone has the opposite effect. That is, when bone does not receive appropriate physiologic stress, osteoclastic activity overwhelms osteoblast production, which in turn reduces bone mass. The Hueter-Volkmann law is the reverse of Wolff’s law and is more specifically applied to compression and tensile forces acting on physeal growth plates. Simply stated, this law suggests that compression forces limit bone growth, whereas tensile stress stimulates growth.3
Osseous tissue also is responsive to piezoelectric charges. In conjunction with mechanical forces strengthening compression and tensile stress, compression produces an electronegative charge that acts to stimulate osteoblast activity. Tensile stress produces an electropositive charge that stimulates osteoclastic activity. Therefore mechanical laws of stress (Wolff’s law) produce electromechanical changes that act to maintain equilibrium between bone formation and bone resorption."

from http://clinicalgate.com/bone-healing/

VBT represents an all new understanding about bone remodelling. Am I wrong or the Wolff's law and the Hueter-Volkmann law are not compatible? If VBT works the wolff's law is flawed. who is right?