Hello. I am a 50 year old female, with severe rotatory scoliosis (lumbar) 55 degree and 44 degree thoracic. I have been recommended for scoliotic revision therapy, however 2 of the 3 opinions received told me to wait for the surgery as long as possible. Personally, I do NOT want the surgery and want to figure out how to deal with a chronic pain treatment program. What I am struggling with is pain in several joints, because of the scoliosis has affected my right hip and left knee. I have been told this is very common with my type of curve.

To understand my case, I have had back pain for the past 20+ years, intense muscle spasm on left side. I have been treated with cortiscone injections in the L4/L5 of the spinal cord. Most recently, a year ago in 2015 I had 2 herniated discs (L1 & L2), and have not been the same since. Thru PT and injections, my herniated discs are under control. However during the treatment process, my left knee and foot took most of the weight bearing and are wearing out. I am currently participating in the Schroth Method PT program, and have greatly benefited in knowledge of posture and breathing. However, it is not reducing joint pain symptoms.

Moving to My LEFT knee, this past year with a MRI I was diagnosed with arthritis, and have received a cortiscone & gel injection. The doctor doesn't feel like I have much time left on the knee, however I am feeling optimistic the gel injection is working. He said we can continue as long as possible.

In addition to the knee, my RIGHT hip joint has been really bothering me. I have seen the specialist and received a hip joint cortiscone injection. The pain eased for about 2 weeks, and is now back with a lot of pain and irritation. I am really frustrated, the hip doctor said if the injection doesn't work we might have to look at a hip replacement. How the heck this happened, I have no idea! While my back is always in some kind of pain, the hip joint is driving me crazy. It really limits my activity and ability to do things, and is bothering me when I am sleeping. Need to confirm if this is a labrum tear, because most of the pain I am feeling is in the groin area. The Scoliosis Doctor is not even sure if I do the revision surgery, I might have some further problems with the hip joint.

I have asked multiple doctors what kind of pain meds can I take for Arthritis. Currently being subscribed Celebrex, however it doesn't do really much. I have also changed around my vitamin regimen and am working with a natural herbalist to improve joint movement. After a month regimen I am not making any progress.

My question is to any with similar pain areas
1. Are there any medications out there which can improve Joint Arthritis? I do not want a opioid medication, have tried and know they do not work.
2. Should I wait to get the spinal revision surgery, even if I am seeing deterioration of other joints due to the imbalance of spinal column?
3. I am in process of addressing chronic pain in the back, probably will go joint facet block injections. Has anyone used this kind of treatment for Chronic Back pain?
4. Is there any type of doctor who will help me understand how my back impacts other joints? So far, I have to see multiple doctors and this drives me crazy! I want a doctor how can help me create a gameplan while understanding my back problem.
4. Need to figure out some pain management for the hip, any suggestions? I am hoping this is a labrum tear, as I feel a tremendous amount of pain in the groin area.
5. Any Sleeping suggestions for my areas of chronic pain?
6. Not one of my specialists have confirmed my knee or hip problems are related to the scoliosis. Does anyone believe scoliosis causes back pain & increase your chances for spinal herniations? Also, do you believe scoliosis affect other joint areas?
7. Did anyone benefit from changing around Nutritional program, and weight loss?

Lastly, to say I am frustrated is an understatement. I want to get back to normal routines without having nagging pain affecting me. While I am not totally helpless, I can't help but wonder where this path is taking me. I would like a game-plan, am willing to work for it. Would really appreciate insights from others who might be feeling the same way I do, and have found success working around scoliosis.

Many thanks!