Hi everyone. Iím kind of new, its been several years since I posted and I havenít really kept up on reading the forum. I am considering surgery this summer with Dr. Neuwirth and have some questions. Just a little background: Over the past 10 years my curves have progressed from 25 to 70 degrees, I have a listhesis, and stenosis. The pain has increased and my right leg gets very weak (numb?) at times. I have seen surgeons Boachi, Lonner, Errico and Neuwirth in NYC - all of whom concur approx. T2 to Sacrum fusion is necessary. My first choice is Dr. Neuwirth. However, I am a bit concerned because he seems much older. I was wondering if anyone has had surgery with him recently or has any info? I donít think he would perform surgery if he didnít believe he could, but should his age be a concern to me? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.