I injured something a few months ago by extreme squatting and reaching. I did not fall and wasn't pushed. I just moved quickly to reach the floor. I knew something pulled hard from my lower spine. I ended up with a partial tare in my hamstring. I did PT for that but my leg keeps going numb.
I went to the spine doctor and he found that my leg and foot had no reflexes. He ordered an MRI and it showed the hamstring problem. Today I had an EMG and it proved a nerve compression at L5. The surgeon told me before the EMG that it can't be my spine because it is fused. Ok so what else can it be? The MRI showed no hip problem. I say something pulled in the spine and then the problem.
I will see the surgeon next week to discuss this but does any one have any idea what else can be compressing the nerve. I know the longer it is compressed the more permanent the nerve damage is . Any ideas?