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I did not realize you had no choice. Do you live in the U.S.? If you do, what happens to parents who can't afford the surgery when their kids need it that badly, is it considered an emergency situation that gets paid for by the government? If you live in Canada or wherever else there is free health care, I guess I have my answer.
I live in NC. No rational parent when faced with a medical consensus denies their child care. There are some objectively irrational parents who think they have a choice but they don't.

There are very, very few areas of medical consensus in scoliosis. None in adult as far as I can see other than perhaps deformity causing radiculopathy. But there is a notable consensus in large, progressing T curves in AIS. You treat surgically with the gold standard of fusion which has a 40 year track record. Or stapling. Or more recently, you treat with tethering although the jury is still out, especially on the long term of secondary curves.

Shriner's Hospitals and Medicaid are presumably available for families who need those resources although Shriner's uses LITERAL blood money from their circuses with elephants, large cats, etc. They are disgusting, despicable people.