Hello to forum members and old friends from my active days on here! I am taking a writing class (bucket list and loving it) and am currently doing an article about scoliosis, focusing on the emotional impact on patients, esp. adolescents when diagnosed. I guess I'm looking for quotes, testimonials, anything that would help support the incredible role that the forum plays in providing support and information. When I think of what my family and I went through when I was diagnosed back in the dark ages of the early 70's...what a nightmare and we felt so alone. Interestingly enough, I am teaching just one day a week post-retirement at a small urban charter school where two of my students have significant scoli. I kidded them about us having our own private support group. But I also discovered that neither one of their families knew about the resources NSF provides or these forums. So anything that anyone wants to chime in or message me with along these lines would be much appreciated. Am also going to post on the adolescent forum. This article is for a class but am hoping at some point to possibly get it published.
I continue to live a pain-free life, thanks be to God and Dr. Lonner. Wishing all the newbies and oldies on here the best in their journey.