I'm frustrated to be writing in the "Revision" section, but it is what it is....

I had my surgery in January 2015 (fusion T3-sacrum with pelvic fixation). Overall, I'm doing well, but am having pain in my right scapular area and left SI joint area. The doctor has recommended taking out the iliac screw on the left side (I'm ok with that), as well as taking out 5 inches of the rod on the right side of my spine near the scapula. It is closer to the skin than the rod on the other side (I can feel it through my skin - yuck!) and he says my muscles are basically "catching" on it. With removal of three screws and 5 inches of rod, he thinks that will be resolved and I will have less pain. He would go in through the original incision and open it up by about 5 inches. I guess it's my "zipper" now!

I am very hesitant to have more surgery!! I had some serious complications, and while he assures me this is a totally different procedure, I'm still worried. I'm also concerned about the recuperation and the possibility that it won't help reduce the pain. I also have to check with him on how it will impact the stability of the thoracic fusion. I think he said it wouldn't be an issue since I have a rod on the left side of the spine. I asked about PT but he said he doesn't think it would help, since it's my muscle rubbing on something. Of course, the muscle spasm from that is what hurts.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Thoughts?