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Thread: Electorcuting-like nerve pain

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    Electorcuting-like nerve pain

    Hello everyone:

    I had my fusion to the sacrum surgery January 7th 2016. I'm three months out and now experiencing horrible electric nerve pain all over my legs, feet, buttocks, and hips. It literally feels like I'm being electrocuted! It is sudden and comes on with no warning. I cry out when it happens because it is so sudden and so extreme. I was just told my by surgeon's nurse that this was normal and that my nerves were waking up. Is this correct? Does anyone know about this? What's the deal?
    1st surgery: Fused T1-L3 in 1987 with contoured Harrington Rods. Rods broke at top.
    2nd surgery: Re-done two weeks later; fused C7-L3. Left in chronic pain.
    3rd surgery: Hardware removal 1997, but still pain for 30 years.
    4th Surgery: Fused to the sacrum in 2016. Came out of surgery with left foot paralysis. (Drop Foot) Can't walk on my own.
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    I had the nerves wake up but I would describe it like electric chills. It was odd and still happens sometimes but I wouldn't say it was painful like you are feeling.
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    Right pectoralis major muscle transfer to scapula
    To replace the action of Serratus Anterior muscle 3/16
    Broken neck 9/28/2018
    Emergency surgery posterior fusion C4- T3
    Repeated 11/2018 because rods pulled apart added T2 fusion
    Removal of partial right thoracic hardware 1/2020
    Removal and replacement of C4-T10 hardware with C7 and T 1

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    Healing nerves....I had them and did many hot water soaks during my recovery. 106 F which is scalding hot. I measured temperature each time with a hot tub thermometer. This was done in a deep and wide tub, and you want to be able to float. Tonibunny (from the SSO forum) used to do works great.

    It really was the only way I could get comfortable and did 5, one hour soaks per day for 3 months...Soak, sleep, soak, sleep....

    I had the electrical jolts for a good 6 months....they did taper down in time..

    I would recommend hot water therapy. If you do, drink a LOT of water. You donít want to get dehydrated and cause more problems.

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    Sounds like electrical shocks to me. I have them now from my T4,5 spinal cord injury. I take Lyrica, Tizanidine, and Baclofen for nerve pain. My nerve pains have changed some with time and I do have sudden electrical sensations, although they are not as severe as you describe. I have mostly buzzing and body spasms.

    In general, many sensations change with time and decrease. For older folks, everything seems to take longer. Best of luck and hoping that time heals.
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    2013: T3- S1 Fusion w/ ALIF L4-S1/XLIF L2-4, PSF T4-S1 2 surgeries
    2014: Hernia @ ALIF repaired; Emergency screw removal SCI T4,5 sec to PJK
    2015: Rev Broken Bil T & L rods and no fusion: 2 revision surgeries; hardware P. Acnes infection
    2016: Ant/Lat Lumbar diskectomy w/ 4 cages + BMP + harvested bone
    2018: Removal L4,5 screw
    2021: Removal T1 screw & rod

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    Boy I can I remember those electrical shocks very well!!! After my third revision surgery, while I was still in the hospital(fourth day) I woke up in the night with horrible electrical shocks. (From butt down my legs). Finally after this didn't go away with neurontin, baclofen,flexeral(all nerve pain & muscle relaxers) they gave me diazepam, which is an anti-anxiety medicine. (Valium is the brand name) It worked!!!! I finically went home and I had that electrical shock pain for several months. It got fewer and farther in between. My Dr. told me that it takes nerves 18 mo. to heal. It didn't take me that long. It was around four or five months. And they got less painful as time went on. But they are awful!!! I am having another revision surgery for broken rods, I pray I don't have to deal with them. I hope you can get something to help, as it is the most horrible feeling and horribly painful. Let us know how you are doing. Like I said, Diazapam is the only thing that calmed down the shocks. Warmly, LINDA
    Linda Brozik~~60 yrs. old at time of Lenke's first surgery. 62 now!
    Surgery 2006 L3/4 L4/5 double fusion/ instumentation/ With 2 cages
    This started adult onset scoliosis
    July 1st, 2010/ surgery ~~fused T10 to pelvis (long rods/ screws)
    Oct.20th 2010, extended rods to T4 / did osteotomy at L3
    Oct. 29th 2012 Dr. Lenke St. Louis Mo. T4 to sacrum osteotomy anterior cage L3/4 titanium rods
    May 30th 2013 revision
    May 8th cervicle surgery 2016
    May 31st Dr. Gupta revision 2017

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