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Thread: Contemplation stage

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    My drive home post-op was close to two hours, through NYC, with some bad pot holey roads, lots of sudden stops and it was manageable - my nurse gave me diladid before leaving to help with the pain associated with the car travel.

    Had pillows to cushion me also.

    It wasn't easy but it's doable.
    30 something y.o.

    2003 - T45, L???
    2005 - T50, L31
    bunch of measurements between...

    2011 - T60, L32
    2013 - T68, L?

    Posterior Fusion Sept 2014 -- T3 - L3
    Post - op curve ~35

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    I have had multiple surgeries. Every ride home was 2 hours. Pillows and drugs are the answers.

    Fused from C2 - sacrum 7/2011

    April 21, 2020- another broken rod surgery

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    The car can be tough but you can always stop and walk around for awhile. I had to do that for awhile after my first surgery.
    As far as your mom's care, there are food delivery services . In this area it is pea pod. Also meals on wheels and Seattle Sutton. So that can be worked out. Also there are home services for the elderly that can visit or give you information about obtaining help.
    Returning to work is very possible. One of my surgeons has had spinal fusion. I am sure he has some long days on his feet.
    T10-pelvis fusion 12/08
    C5,6,7 fusion 9/10
    T2--T10 fusion 2/11
    C 4-5 fusion 11/14
    Right scapulectomy 6/15
    Right pectoralis major muscle transfer to scapula
    To replace the action of Serratus Anterior muscle 3/16
    Broken neck 9/28/2018
    Emergency surgery posterior fusion C4- T3
    Repeated 11/2018 because rods pulled apart added T2 fusion
    Removal of partial right thoracic hardware 1/2020
    Removal and replacement of C4-T10 hardware with C7 and T 1

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