In reading my report from my myelogram/ct scan in December, I'm confused on what the paragraph below means. Of course I "googled" it, but with all the knowledge and experience on this site, I thought someone could explain the following paragraph from a five page report a little more? I meet again with the surgeon the end of February to discuss my revision surgery.

There is evidence of two loculated collections filling with contrast
centered in the dorsal right spinal canal at the L2 and L3 levels.
These are resulting in bony remodeling of the right lamina at L2 and
L3. The collection measures largest at the L2 level, measuring 11 x 9
mm (series 4, image 178) in maximum dimension. The smaller inferior
collection is lobulated and extends from the L2-L3 to the superior L3
level measuring a maximum of 7 x 5 mm (series 4, image 19. These
collections are both contiguous with the adjacent thecal sac and appear
to be filled with intrathecal contrast

My fusion with instrumentation is currently S1 to T11, and my curves measure 49 degrees (lower) and 35 degrees (upper).