So I'm 35 years old. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in middle school with the exams. Interaction with doctors was brief because I was not aware of symptoms, nor did I notice any change in my body. I remember the doctor describing the angles and saying if there's no pain we can leave it alone.

After about 23 24 I began to realize my scoliosis was definitely noticeable. So I briefly saw doctors again, but was discouraged because I felt they had a very sort of "sorry we cant do anything, hurry up and leave now" attitude about it. I thought that it was common knowledge that regular x-rays should be done. But neither my main doctor nor the back specialist mentioned it on their own, and only very casually agreed they could do it when I asked for it done. After that I spent the years in between trying to do things on my own to check on myself and prevent the possibility of my back eventually getting worse.

I am not happy to do that anymore. I am constantly worried I'm seeing my angles get a little bit further, though slowly over the course of the years. It causes me a lot of stress and worry about the future, and at the same time, there is always a level a pain hovering there that I deal with and have to be careful with.

So I want to find good help. I dont expect the first doctor I talk to to have heard of schroth or any of the viable studies starting to pop up, but i do feel i should expect one to recommend x-rays without me having to ask about it myself. Is that expecting too much? I have had 3 x-rays total since I was diagnosed.

As a kid, I remember doctors taking a more proactive approach to my health and body, as if they were trained to get information from me about problems i might not yet know are there. It seems if I tell a new doctor I have scoliosis, then thinking along those same lines, he would immediately look for x-rays. Am I wrong? Is that not typical? I don't want to waste time pursuing treatment along with a line of so called professionals who don't approach it correctly. I just wonder if I'm asking for too much.