The reason why you might see a lot of lay people acting like backyard experts might just correlate with the fact that our real so-called experts haven't found the answers to our condition.
Your blaming patients for seeking answers when the so called specialists aren't actually specialists at all.
How can you they call themselves scoliosis specialists, when none of them actually knows what causes scoliosis, how it really works and the whole treatment system is based on trial and error?
If you cant see the reality of that, then you're living in fantasy land.

If I was one of those shonky backyard experts I may have gotten in with people that may have tried to use my ideas to create treatments for profit.
All I ever did was advocate that the research be done properly and to let that speak for itself.

I'm not sure Linda has access to create forum categories, but the final point I want to make is that if you really cared about the integrity of the information on the research forum, why didn't you look for a solution to the problem?
A really simple one would have been to split it into 2 categories "Proven Research" and "Unproven Research Ideas"

There I just fixed your problem.

You know what the difference between us is Sharon?
You want to go around in circles, and I want to find solutions.