I had a revision surgery, T3-Sacrum, almost 10 years ago. I am still having many of the same pain.

Any time I sort of lean over I get a sciatica pain which lasts forever.

Also having pain in my groin area. When it is on my right side, then my right leg drags. When it is on my left side, then my left legs goes stiff. I have had SI Joint injections already which the first one seemed to help for a few weeks but the second did nothing. The groin pain used to only be when I walked more than usually, but know it can happen, just walking from one end of my small house to the other.

I am also having pulmonary issues. I did have 76% Lung Function 2 years ago, now it is 73%.

I am retired and do not much of anything because of my condition.

Is anyone else having any of these issues? If yes, please let me know what has helped you.

Thank you.