I have not had any back surgery and am currently trying to manage the pain from 62T and 70TL curves with injections, physical therapy and pain meds. My doctor has suggested a nerve ablation for the apex of the TL curve but his office manager thinks that Medicare will only cover this for "failed back syndrome, " ie failed fusion surgery.
I spoke directly with Medicare and they were maddeningly vague, saying only that they offered no prior authorization and any treatment had to be medically necessary. I've had steroid/lidocaine injections there that were very helpful, albeit for a short time period. I have a significant hump at this curve and putting any external pressure on it, say from sitting against it or bumping it is quite painful so I would really appreciate the relief this treatment might offer. Chronic pain relief seems like a good definition of medically necessary to me but obviously, they're not interested in my thoughts on this!
So, I'm wondering if anyone who has not had surgery but has had an ablation has had success or difficulty with Medicare coverage for it. I am new to Medicare this year and am learning the (very complicated) ropes. Any suggestions or experiences with this would be very helpful.