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Thread: Pain near shoulder blade by rod

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    Pain near shoulder blade by rod

    I have two titanium rods from a surgery in 2006. My curve was over 60 in the thoracic area and a slight curve in the lumbar. I haven't had much pain or problems besides general soreness and unable to sit in one place for a long time. However, this past year, apparently my lumbar (where there is not rods) has started to curve a lot more. The doc wants to do surgery but I said no because I wasn't in pain. Well, the past month, between my spine and my right shoulder blade (right at the top of my rod), there is PAIN. At first, it was just sore, like i pulled a muscle. Then it turned into dull pain, and now its more of a BURNING and SHARP pain. It gets worse when I pick things up o more my arms behind me or reach for things. It hurts even when sitting or laying down. It almost feels as if something is caught or hung up under my shoulder blade. It hurts/feels kinda good when i massage it, so I am thinking its muscular but it has not gotten better in a MONTH and i have tried icy hot, pain pills, and heating pads. It has actually gotten WORSE. What could this be from? I do have a rib hump, so I assume it could be from posture but why have I never had this before, and why is it getting WORSE? it is like a sharp burning pain right at the top of my rod. I am so miserable but don't want to waste the money going to a doctor who will prescribe pain pills and say good luck. What are my options? Is their some time of shot or cream I could use? Or any type of therapy? This pain doesn't mean there is something wrong with my rod does there?? I am very nervous! Please let me know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this or has any advice.

    I attached pics of before and after surgery, and the other picture is of my spine 3 years ago (so 6-7 years post surgery, you can see my lower back has started to curve some)
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