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Thread: Anyone had surgery in Chicago with Dr. Christopher DeWald?

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    Anyone had surgery in Chicago with Dr. Christopher DeWald?

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Another surgeon recommended him highly as competent in complex spine surgery and even a great bedside manner.
    XLIF/Posterior Surgery 6/16/08. Fused T10-L5 in CA by Dr. Michael Kropf (don't go there unless it's simple, I hear he's at Cedar's now). Very deformed, had revision w/5 PSO's, rods from T-3 to sacrum including iliac screws, all posterior, 5/23/16 with Dr. Purnendu Gupta of Chicago.

    Owner of Chachi the Chihuahua, So Cal born and bred, now a resident of 'Chicagoland' Illinois. Uh, dislike it here....thank God there was ONE excellent spine surgeon in this area.

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    Hi Susan,

    I'm newer to the forum and haven't been on in a while due to my father's illness and subsequent passing, BUT I do live in "disgusting" Chicago and Dr. DeWald is the next surgeon on my list to see so I thought I would reply. Wait..the sun is coming out and I have to poke my head out of the window to enjoy it while I can...o.k., I'm back, false alarm!

    The first surgeon I saw, Dr. Pelinkovich with M&M Orthopedics, gave me the option of minimally invasive surgery, with fusion from T3 to L4 or L5. He also strongly suggested that I see Dr. DeWald to get his opinion. Dr. Pelinkovich did his fellowship under Dr. DeWald and told me DeWald is the godfather of scoliosis surgery in Chicago...also known as the Windy City...which I bet you are appreciating today! I found it interesting that Pelinkovich not only recommended a second opinion but very strongly recommended DeWald. Plus, Rush is really top notch, as far as orthopedics go.

    I'm sorry that you hate Chicago, but in time it may grow on you.


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    Hi Susan, I too live near Chicago and have to agree with you about the weather. It is hard on us for sure. I met Diane earlier this year but do not know anything about the Dr you mentioned. Diane saw him but she had some family things to care for before anything else. I have had my surgeries through another Dr at the first clinic she was treated at. I can tell you that the scoliosis specialist was excellent and a wonderful person to know. I am about 30 miles south of Chicago. It is through m and m orthopedic group. The specialist is Dr. Kamal Ibrihim . He was last year's president of the national Scoliosis society. He and Dr Lenke gave a presentation about a year ago. He would be another good source for you to check out. Winter is coming . It is cold today. Yeah Chicago!!!

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