Hi everyone, I'm new to this group but wish I had found it a long time ago, what a great community and resource for those with scoliosis! I had Harrington rods put in 20 years ago at age 15, fused from approximately T1-L2 (don't know the exact numbers, this is my best guess/memory).

I've always dealt with pain and injury at both ends of the fusion but have learned over the years how to treat those spots carefully to avoid significant problems. However 6-9 months ago I started experiencing persistent ongoing pain throughout my entire back, sometimes extending through to my shoulders, upper neck, and hips. It's almost like every muscle connected to my spine is suddenly ridiculously prone to injury. All it takes is quickly looking over my shoulder while driving or carelessly leaning over to pick up a shirt off the ground or (heaven forbid) picking up one of my kids, and I'm in pain for days while the "injury" slowly recovers.

The speed with which I started experiencing all of this, and the wide range of muscles involved, makes me wonder if it's possible something has shifted with the metal in my back. I've had no back surgeries since the original one in 1994 so I would assume everything is pretty much locked in place by now, but just in case maybe a consultation with a specialist (and my first spine xray in 15 years) might not be a bad idea. Can anyone recommend a very good adult scoliosis Harrington rod specialist in southern California? San Diego preferred but I can travel to somewhere within driving distance.

Would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance!