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    CSF leak post op

    Does anyone here have first hand experience with a CSF leak post fusion? DD15's was 11 days ago, and while she suffered a rare CSF leak detected day three post surgery (small pedicles, screw nicked it during operation), it healed post op, and now 11 days post op has recurred. She is on strict bed rest for two days, increased fluids and caffeine.

    Recovery has been very rough. Rougher than we expected in terms of pain. But as soon as her back pain began to subside, she was hit with the spinal headaches which is a mother of thing. She cannot sit up for ten seconds. Dreadful pain, Excruciating.

    Surgeon. neurosurgeon, head of ortho etc all involved and watching and treating at home now, potentially in hospital if not resolved by Monday.

    Thanks in advance for any BTDT

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    I donít, but there could be posts if you search....this is a very rare thing.

    I wouldnít hesitate taking her back to the hospital if need be....try to stay strong through all of this.

    Iím so sorry this happened. The surgeons will make things right....

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    CSF leaks are pretty common in revision surgery, but not very common in primary surgery in kids or adults. They are, however, one of the more common complications. In the short term, I understand they can be very frustrating. The good news is that it can be fixed. Hopefully, they'll do something (a blood patch probably) tomorrow. Hang in there.

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    We are back in hospital today with CT scan tomorrow. Surgeon thinks a small tear seen during surgery but which sealed during surgery may have reopened. Some issue with abnormally small pedicles and screw position. Ugh

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    I wish your daughter well and you some peace of mind.
    It's horrible being a mom and seeing your child suffer.
    Linda is so reassuring. She pretty much knows what they will do.
    Please keep us informed.

    Be happy!
    We don't know what tomorrow brings,
    but we are alive today!

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    Blood patch deemed not recommended based on location of leak (T4-T6) and a lumbar drain is being used to decrease pressure and allow for the site to heal.

    resting comfortably in hospital but will be here another 4 days at least.

    Poor kid is ready to get on with her life and now this.

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