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    Well, I got involved myself into cycling. I was very angry for a long time on myself(I guess) that I couldn't do swimming the way I wanted. Basically the morning after the bike ride I could hardly get up from my bed(!). Now I can do 35km of riding(roads+hills+some offroad). And I have a nagging idea(think of it like an integrated controlling auto-parent) that makes me wonder/feel guilt that I hide behind my spine disease and use it as an excuse. Despite that I can ride the bike quite nicely I have trouble walking longer distances. I mean that I have some kind of imbalance, I have a sensation that a breeze/or a gentle push might topple me over. Even the briefest running makes me quite uncomfortable. I'm not even sure if its worth it to try because I'm not very intent on causing self-induced pain. But one thing is quite sure: even though during bike riding I may get lower back pain, its nothing compared to the first ride, I adapted quite remarkably. I guess this is just something I have to try after all... But then cycling is a very efficient transport, all of the workload is done by the legs, whereas running involves the torso in a greater capacity.
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    I am glad to hear you have found an exercise that suits you.
    Perhaps you might be interested in seeing my thread "My Way of Coping".
    I am a believer in exercise for health without suggesting it will alter one's scoliosis. Simply to focus on what we can do, not on the the limitations. As you are seeing, that will make you feel better in many ways. It is good to see.
    I ran for a while. I could run much farther than I could walk without pain. I assume this was because running engaged my muscles much differently. But it was my knees, not my back, that caused me to throw in the towel on that.
    Good luck and happy pedaling!

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