Looking for parents who can give some input on Pectus and Scolio. My son just underwent the Nuss Procedure back on June 16 and has had a fantastic recovery despite a very rough first week. I have seen a few posts in the past that once the Pectus was repaired the Scoliosis progressed and am looking for more input regarding anyone's experience with that. We just had a follow up for my son's Scolio last week. He seems to have been blessed with a slow progressing curve and is only at 19* right now. His curve progressed 6 degrees over the past year and he does have is a 1 centimeter leg discrepancy which seems to be more of a problem then anything. For the time being, having the Nuss Procedure has improved his posture so much and his neck and shoulder pain has improved tremendously! He will be 15 years old next month and is at a level 4 Riser based on his recent x-rays. Given his age and growth if his curve were to progress we have missed the bracing stage however, while the doctor can't give any guarantee, she doesn't foresee his curve progressing much from here on out. Again, you never know and keeping our fingers cross! Thoughts??