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Thread: My mother.

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    My mother.

    So, my mother has had 3 spine surgeries. During the third one they've removed the Harrington rods because of some complications.

    So, whenever I have any talk with her about scoliosis I keep hearing some kind of strange opinions. She almost believes doctors do spine surgeries to milk money. Or that people who speak positively about surgery are advertising these procedures for money. When I was a child and I was hearing this stuff I had a genuine impression that surgeons are some kind of sadists glad to cut people. This is obviously very paranoidal. I told her the same.

    She also genuinly believes that people can see that she has scoliosis. But while it is definitely possible to suspect something while looking at her dressed spine, you'd need a magnifier. This is so bloody awful because she instilled into me the same ideas about my scoliosis. I am still trying to keep these irrational thoughts into the rational telescopic sight. I mean that it took like half a year of serious efforts from both myself and my psychologist to realize nobody is going to manifest aggressiveness towards me because of my spine issues. Its absolutely preposterous that I have believed in such paranoidal ideas for more than a decade since second grade. Sometimes I still find myself following that irrational train of thought... I told my mother to get help, she sees the world in a bleak palette. Lets assume that she lacks money. Its true that she lack money. But she is not starving, and I doubt that she can't find some money for a couple of sessions of counseling to shake that paranoidal stuff out of her. But apparently she thinks that that scoliosis is the culprit. Whereas she has a scoliosis issue and a psychological issue related\or not to scoliosis...
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