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Thread: Scoliosis testing in schoole. nurses who fail to detect

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    I never actually had scoliosis screening done at my school, because i had already had fusion at that point (seventh grade). however, i found from friends that you bend over and they look at your back (i imagine to look for a rib hump) and make an analysis. if they believe someone may have it, they contact their parents. the tests aren't very accurate because they thought one of my friends had scoliosis and she didn't, and by the time i would have been tested in school, i probably would have died.

    my scoliosis was 'discovered' by my doctor during a physical when i was eight-ish, and by that point it was already pretty far along, but i don't remember the exact curves.
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    my school district doesn't even offer scoliosis screening...we don't have the money!

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    we have it in 5th and 8th grade...basically for most people, too early for it to really start developing to a noticable degree, and then too late to do too much treatment. I didn't have to get screened in 8th grade because of a doctor's note, but two of my friends who do have scoliosis didn't get caught.

    I think some schools will actually hire people that work with scoliosis to come out, but it's probably fairly expensive.
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    Try checking with some Orth. surgeons. See if they are willing to come to the schools and do a free screening. I think you might find some willing. It would be in their best interest, as some may actually choose them for their care.

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    I didn't read all the responses yet, but wanted to add my two cents.......
    My scoliosis went undetected by the school nurse for years. Since nothing was ever said to my mom, I went years w/ just hearing "Jacqueline, stand up straight." " Jacqueline, you are getting a hump back b/c you don't stand up straight." "Jacqueline, keep your shoulders even". ETC for years!!! Mom knew the school tested for scoliosis and figured if there was anything wrong, they would have noticed. The result? I was diagnosed at age 15 w/ a 45* curve.

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    Based on my own experience with scoliosis, my school also did the scoliosis screenings, which were JUST regular PE teachers, did NOT pick up my scoliosis. I was the one who found my scoliosis and my parents friend, who was a physical therapist at the time, determined that I indeed had scoliosis. However, since my curve was more of a thoracolumbar curve and was basically mild (30 degree curve) it was not picked up. These teachers are NOT qualified to be looking for scoliosis, nor is it easily picked up unless the curve is further advanced. An xray is the best way. The only reason I knew there was a problem is because I could feel one side of my ribs stick out more in the back and one of my hips was more pronounced than the other and a leg length discrepancy. Also I could not stand up straight, I tended to slouch but always thought it was because I was tall and thin. I would most definately NOT take what a teacher or nurse in a middle school has to say at face value when it comes to scoliosis. MANY are not picked up and basically this *screening* is a waste of time. It's better to go to a real doctor. I wish, however, I had never found my so-called *scoliosis* so I could have had a normal life. My life has never been the same since then and would have been better to be left alone.

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    They do not, never did, and as far as I know aren't going to have any scoliosis testing in my school. I think they should, though.
    I don't think of my back brace as a disadvantage.

    I think of it as something that will help me, and I am fortunate to have the oppurtunity to fix my scoliosis.

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    Do it right or don't do it...

    My daughter was screened by 3 pediatricians and twice in the
    middle school and was told she did not have scoliosis - imagine
    my surprise when standing in the front yard, someone besides
    me noticed it, we finally insisted on an XRay, and were told ~45T/45L.
    To cut the screeners a little slack, I do think the kids without
    increased thoracic kiphosis and smaller degrees of rotation are harder to
    spot. Also, the dancers are taught to bend from the hips, not
    their spines and can fool imprecise screeners for quite a while.

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