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Thread: Breathing issues? GI issues?

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    Breathing issues? GI issues?

    I was wondering if pre-surgery others had problems with either breathing and/or gi issues that cleared up with surgery? I am going to go to a surgeon soon for my first consultation and imaging, so I don't know all my curves. I just know that I curve back and forth up my back, and if I straighten myself out(very uncomfortable!), I can breathe deeper for a minute or two. That is, until my muscles go into protest because they aren't in their normal position!

    I also find that my kyphosis seems to cause my upper gi area to seem to "tuck" up under my ribs, which then seems to keep things from moving freely as they should. I end up with alot of bloating that builds up and ends up pushing up into my lung area causing shortness of breath.

    My last question is embarrassing. I am short at 5'2". My arms seem shorter than average, with my fingertips reaching about where my leg joins the body. I am afraid if I get my back fixed and I can't bend, how do people clean themselves after going to the bathroom? I already have to bend a lot to take care of that.

    Thanks for any input on breathing, gi and bathroom issues!

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    Hi, Sue,
    For the bathroom problem of cleaning oneself, I had a "spine kit" from Dr. Lenke's office that included a sock aide (which I used for a long time during the winter months) and long handled tongs with the ends coated in rubber or plastic that I used with moisturizing flushable wipes or toilet paper. I never imagined that I would need the tongs, but I did, and it worked just fine.

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    I didn't have the breathing & GI issues, but if you search the archives, there are people who did. I remember one thread where people talked about having fewer problems with acid reflux after surgery. I know lung capacity is one reason people have the surgery -- to make sure they don't lose too much lung capacity as they age with scoliosis.
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