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Thread: Has anyone experienced somthing like this before ?

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    Has anyone experienced somthing like this before ?

    Hi ! My name is Pierre-Luc. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease 4 years ago. I have been receiving spinal injections every 4-5 months since then. But last March my spine started to hurt ALOT more then before. My Chiropratician retired and I had to go through the process of getting a new refferal from mu general doctor. He reffered me to a orthopedic surgeon ecause he suspected I had either scoliosis or an unstable spine...
    I am waiting on this appointment soon. I started taking pictures of my back every now and then and I realized my spine is actially moving quite fast. I have attached 2 photos to show how fast is moves. The date are on the names of the files but to be sure, the first was taken on March 30th and the second on April 25th. My general doctor talked about either a brace or a surgery.. I am really scared ! I now have major anxiety attacks which needs treatment !
    Is it really that bad for my spine to curve that fast ? Has anyone lived it before ? Is the orthopedic surgeon the right person to see ?
    thank you very much in advance for all responses !
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