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Thread: My 18 Year Old Ready to Comply

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    My 18 Year Old Ready to Comply

    So, my 18 year old daughter is finally ready to comply with doing what she can to help her scoliosis. She was diagnosed at approx. 14 and we saw docs that did not have much to offer.....My research brought us to a Schroth practitioner, and torso rotation as a means to help, but she was just not emotionally mature enough to do anything on an anywhere near consistent basis. So, time went on. She grew about 2" in the past 2 years, and is now about 5'3, maybe a little taller. But, her curve also progressed some, and now she is not liking it and finally serious about doing what she can to deal with it.

    During my research over the past 2 years I read about torso rotation.....Found out about one Roger Schwab, a trainer with a gym in the Philly area, that has worked with Scoliosis. I contacted him and he met with my daughter and I, spent about an hour with us, and put her on some machines. No charge for any of this,......we lived too far to go to him on on a consistent basis, and my daughter was not going to comply anyway, so nothing came of this.

    Recently, I contacted Roger again. He recommended a trainer closer to our home that has a torso rotation machine. She just started working with this trainer on the TR machine, and he also put her on several other machines for her back. Roger actually wrote up the protocol he wanted the new trainer to follow and spoke to the trainer via phone. No charge for this either.

    So, she will be doing this training twice a week. The plan is, after she feels comfortable and knows what to do and how to do it, she will not need the trainer and will be able to continue on her own.

    I would like to know if anyone here can comment on torso rotation exercises relative to scoliosis. Have you or your child ever tried it? Did it help at all in any way?

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    I have no personal experience with TR, so I can't answer your questions about that specifically. I am curious though what outcome your daughter is hoping for with the TR, and what kind of results the trainers are offering? Is she hoping for improved appearance, or something else?
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    If she is 18 and her curve is <30*, the paradigm is she will not progress to surgery. Maybe she doesn't have to do any of this PT.

    And in the case of a skeletally mature person like your daughter, is she going to do it for life? That's what would be required to retain any benefit. I'd be very interested to hear if any personal trainer told her she didn't need to do the PT for life. The 35 (total) patients in published torso rotation studies were all skeletally immature and the point was to get a permanent stabilization to avoid surgery by the end of growth. Then they could stop. That doesn't apply to skeletally mature folks.

    How big is the curve and where is it? Some types of curves tend to progress more than others.
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