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Thread: Thoracic Curve

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    Thoracic Curve

    What cause the pain in my thoracic spine- I have a 55* curve there- but what causes the intense burning/aching?

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    That's a good question, especially since every doctor that specializes in scoliosis tells me that scoliosis doesn't hurt.

    I think it's the pulling on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It sends the muscles into spasm, which is VERY painful. I actually get bone pain sometimes, though. It hurts like a broken bone and my spine can't be pressed on AT ALL when it hurts like that. The burning pain you describe sounds like nerve pain. You could have a nerve that gets pinched once in awhile. It seems, at least in my case, that once the nerves are irritated they tend to stay that way for awhile.
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