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Thread: MedX or Cybex Core Torso Rotation and a Roman Chair

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    MedX or Cybex Core Torso Rotation and a Roman Chair

    Hi Folks,
    My daughter is working on a school project and asked me to post her request. She loves science and has put together a project that is close to her heart, but very ambitious. Even if you aren’t using the type of exercises she is asking about, it would be great if you would pass the word along to others so she will have a chance of reaching her target of 20 participants.
    Thank you.
    A Mom


    You don’t know me, but I am a 14yro girl with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS.) I have used Targeted Physical Therapy for over two years and would like to find out what happened to other girls who did these two exercises. I have school permission to use Targeted PT as the topic of my science project, however, I NEED YOUR HELP! I need to find a lot of girls who are using a MedX CTR & Roman Chair or a Cybex CTR & Roman Chair while they are growing. If you would be okay sharing some info about your daughter's curve from her x-rays, (like curve size, left or right curve, and how many inches she grew) please contact me.

    ***School rules say she can only participate if you and your daughter sign an Informed Consent Form.***

    I am looking for 10-16 year old girls who have AIS curves under 40 degrees, are currently growing, AND are using Targeted Physical Therapy 1 to 3 times per week. If you or your daughter have questions or would like to be a part of my project, please include “AIS” in the subject line when you email me at .

    The purpose of my experiment is to find out if weekly Targeted Physical Therapy will alter the Natural History of AIS during a growth spurt so I will be comparing our data to girls whose treatment was watchful waiting.

    Please tell other Scoli Families about my project!

    Thank you for reading my letter.


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    Will you help her?

    Anna’s Mom and Djjane,

    My daughter is checking her message in the children’s section (Two Exercises) every day hoping someone will respond to her request for participants in her project and no one from the forum has responded. Will you please consider allowing her to use your children’s data?


    In addition to posting on the NSF web site, Rhea is sending out requests to various clinics (and the gym in Florida I told her about), but because of a change in my system, I can’t access the VBS web site. She is hoping if the word is spread to all of the scoli support groups, she will be more likely to find participants who know someone using Mooney’s protocols for her project. Will you please consider copying and pasting her request on the VBS site?

    Everyone Else,

    If you are trying this type of PT, my daughter is really a nice kid—please consider talking with her about her project. If you decide not to participate, she won’t bother you again, but you’ll never know what you are missing if you don’t talk to her!

    Feel free to post her request on Facebook or in another Scoli support group.

    It isn't necessary to mention I sent this message . . . she is a teenager and will be annoyed her mom said anything about her checking the NSF site daily.

    A Mom

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    I'll add my endorsement of this study as well, for whatever that is worth. For anyone that doesn't know me, I am Kevin McIntire and I did a follow-up study to Mooney's initial trunk rotational strength training protocol while in grad school.

    The above study is a very easy thing to do. They've contacted me (as well as many other professionals) privately and I've looked over everything. She is being quite thorough and has put together a very nice science fair project. It would be well worth your time.

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