Hi Folks,
My daughter is working on a school project and asked me to post her request. She loves science and has put together a project that is close to her heart, but very hard to do. Even if you aren’t using the type of exercises she is asking about, it would be great if you would pass the word along to others so she can reach her target of 20 scoli girls in her project.
Thank you.
A Mom


You don’t know me, but I am a 14yro girl with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS.) I have used Targeted Physical Therapy for over two years and would like to find out what happened to other girls who did these two exercises. I got school permission to use Targeted PT as the topic of my science project, however, I NEED YOUR HELP! I need to find a lot of girls who are using a MedX CTR & Roman Chair or a Cybex CTR & Roman Chair while they are growing. If you would be okay sharing some info about your curve from your x-rays, (like curve size, left or right curve, and how many inches you grew) please contact me.

***School rules say you can only participate if you and your parent sign an Informed Consent Form.***

I am looking for 10-16 year old girls who have AIS curves under 40 degrees, are currently growing, AND are using Targeted Physical Therapy 1 to 3 times per week. If you or your parents have questions or would like to be a part of my study, please include “AIS” in the subject line when you email me at katnisskern@yahoo.com .

The purpose of my experiment is to find out if weekly Targeted Physical Therapy will alter the Natural History of AIS during a growth spurt so I will be comparing our data to girls whose treatment was watchful waiting.
Please tell your Scoli Friends about my project!

Thank you for reading my letter.