I had surgery to gain a healthier more active life and I haven't found it yet. Just six months after surgery my left arm became useless and required surgery. I'm barely able to be independent at this point and trying to consider options. The problem is I am unsure where to turn for reliable answers. I just had a CT scan with contrast and that caused a spinal fluid leak which caused me to be bedridden for a week. I am concerned at this point I could become too unhealthy to consider options. The left should and arm is going out again, nobody can seem to understand why. The right shoulder is now starting to display similar issues. The pain in my back is so severe I get shots every seven or eight days to be able to sit up and breathe. The screws in the bone are so large the entire bone is almost gone and the points of the screws are almost coming through on the other side. I don't feel that my shoulder blade has enough room to function and feels like it hits the rod. I'm confused as these symptoms were never even considered as possibilities. I found a specialist who said the hardware could cause more issues than it fixed. Does anyone know what resources can be used to find out information that is reliable on complications of having rods vs taking rids out? I know rods aren't perfect but I am scared to do much more. My daughter was hit head on by a drunk driver in 2006 and had to have a rod in her leg, she has had nothing but issues with that leg even though the surgeon insisted it was perfect. We just discovered the rod has slid down over the years causing her to collapse and her feet to experience extreme pain. So I do know anything placed in the body can have issues, but 14 inch rods to L4 being removed scares me. At this point I don't even know what questions to ask. If the back curves again would it curve the same? What are the other risks that I dont know to ask or who to believe. Any resources would be appreciated.