Hello to all. I'm 42 yr old male who was diagnosed with severe Kyphoscoliosis somewhere in the 74 to 87 degree curviture back in July of 1981. I have thought about the possible causes to any spinal curviture and mine. I thought hard over the years. One idea dawned on me back in the mid 90's. I vividly remember a position I slept in from ages 11 to 18. In bed face down with my right arm folded under my right side of my chest, possibly pushing the rib cage and spine into a Kyphoscoliosis curviture over the years when your growing. Parents need to monitor there children's sleeping positions. Another cause maybe double jointedness. I was very double jointed as a kid and teens. Children are very limber. They may be playing in ways that may contribute to a spinal curviture over the years when they are growing up. So the important thing is to monitor children's backs as they are growing up. Especially from ages 10 to 18 yrs old. Watch out for the poor postures and when watching TV,Video games and working on PC's. My grandmother back in 1975 said something about my back and no listened. By 1977,my sisters boyfriend at the time said something about my back and then everyone listened. I'm afraid that poor sleep position may contribute to spinal curvitures over time.