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Thread: Post Surgery EXTREME Pain.. What's "Normal"?? Help Please! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pooka1 View Post
    I can't imagine enduring for 10 months with that. Wow. And Ti Ed went on for years. Can't imagine. My first episode was a few weeks and the second was similar.

    That pain still scares me. It seems like what it must feel like to be knifed.
    Perhaps I should say, "ease off completely." It started to ease, veerrryy slowly after about 6 weeks. I could barely discern the improvement. I'd have spinal fusion surgery twice over rather than re-live that 10 months again.

    Yet I've heard others who've had a herniated disc who've not seemed to have as much pain as I did.
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
    Dr. Askin, Brisbane, Australia
    T4-Pelvis, Posterior only
    Osteotomies and Laminectomies
    Was 68 degrees, now 22 and pain free

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    I have to agree this has truly been the most painful thing I have ever allowed to happen to me...but I was losing control of my rear end type functions. My legs were weak an I was falling a lot. I have realized that some of my extreme pain is being caused by the moderate arthritic damage of my left hip and the terrible pain in my lower back in the pelvis next to the fusion is caused by an SI joint. Feels like a knife stabbing through my back. My ribs go into spams...I was singing in Church today and my ribs went into overtime pain. I have noticed when you have a very difficult surgery as we have had, there seems to be a cascade of related issues that pop up. Almost like "whack a mole". We just keep whacking away until the moles stop. And may I say a word about "just nerve pain". The most awful pain...I am on lyrica for that. It is a true life saver. I also take cymbalta, and skillaxin. For pain I take Percocets and tramadol. I will be changed over to a small dose of morphene and Percocet this week. I am four months out. I had been told I'd be almost well by now by my surgeon. I am not. He sent me to a pain management clinic. They told me to expect to be seeing them a year. By then I will probably have to get my hip done. Hang in there. If you have not thought of going to a pain clinic, it might be a good idea for you. They have access to a wide modality of pain management protocols.

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