Hi all,

I have posted a little about my 8 y/o son, Torrey's scoliosis. We have watched his back closely since he was 3 y/o, when his 6 y/o sister was diagnosed with JIS. His x-ray was straight at that time. Around age 5 he developed a slight rib hump and back asymmetry. His pediatrician felt it did not warrant an x-ray and monitored Torrey every 6 months with the Adams forward bend test. We held off on x-rays because it seemed to stay the same. About 18 months ago, when he was 7, his rib hump and asymmetry got worse so he was x-rayed, which showed an 18 degree right lower thoracic curve.

Torrey had a normal MRI at that time and we elected to continue to watch, although our local ortho offered bracing if we wanted it due to our strong family history (Leah stapled, and me braced then fused as an adult). That was definitely a no thanks! We planned to go see Dr Luhmann at Shriners St Louis if his curve got to 20 or more.

About 9 months ago Torrey's x-ray was measured at 15 degrees, and his pediatrician thought his back looked a little better. Over the summer his back continued to look good, though we have done nothing special. Last month (when the forum was down) he had a follow-up x-ray which was measured at 12 degrees. Now I know there is a 5-10 degree margin of error, but I am thrilled that his x-ray went down 6 degrees instead of up 6 degrees! I think his back looks improved from what it did at 18 degrees, and looking at the two x-rays side by side, the recent one is definitely straighter.

We are very happy right now and are cautiously hoping Torrey might dodge the bullet and grow out of his scoliosis.