My name is Cal and I'm an ambassador working on behalf of Cincinnati
Children's Hospital Medical Center. We are trying to spread the word about
our live Q-and-A's with experts. These chats can really make a difference to
families/people in need. I found your association online and wanted to see
if you would be willing to share the event with your community.

Here are some details:

Our latest event, June 5th @ 7pm EST, is a free online, live event to help
parents and families understand the treatment options for early onset
scoliosis. This event will feature one of our physician experts and one of
our patient's moms, Tania Marcona, to answer questions parent-to-parent. She
will talk about what it was like to receive the diagnosis and why she chose
the Mehta cast option for her son and the experience of caring for a toddler
in a Mehta cast. We think that this would be a great event for your

You can take a look at a similar chat we did here

This is a personal chat with a knowledgeable and experienced doctor during
which your community will have the chance to ask their questions directly to
the doctor and a patient's parent and have them answered live through a
video feed!

We would love it for as many people as possible to benefit from this. Please
feel free to contact me if you would like to get involved and help spread
the word!

Check out the link below for more information!

RSVP here! :
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Easy Ways to Get Involved

1) Share the RSVP link with your community through email, Twitter or

2) Participate in the event, share to families that can really benefit from
that content.

3) Feedback! - Let me know what types of events your community is looking
for, so we can continue to provide unique content to those in need!




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