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Thread: Post op infection

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    Post op infection

    It has been a week and a half since surgery and now it seems my son has developed a uti. Does anyone have experience with this? I am concerned about the risk of hardware infection. Also wanted to know what we need to watch for and how they would treat it if the bacteria makes its way to the hardware.

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    sorry to hear about the UTI - I assume he has started on antibiotics for it?

    If you have not done so already, I would strongly recommend a call to his surgeon to run it by them. The surgeon's office can best answer your questions on what to watch for.

    Hardware infection is usually treated with a long course of IV antibiotics.

    I sort of remember someone else here who got a UTI after surgery (common from the bladder catheter) and it was successfully treated without getting to the hardware. I think the UTI would have to turn into a kidney infection and get into the blood to infect the hardware.

    Good luck and I hope this will clear up very soon.
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    Thanks we are on an antibiotic and hoping this will not cause any hardware problems. I just need to say this board has been a lifesaver. Our surgeons office gives very little information about what to expect post op they kind of do their job and move on. I would have been so nervous about so many little issues following surgery if I had not read about them here first and seen that so many people were going through the same things. A huge thank you to everyone here for sharing your experiences!

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