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Thread: Copes Method,Quackery?

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    Has anyone heard of a doctor Santilly? I guess he worked for Copes and then saw how corrupt he was and then broke off to run his own practice. Does he hold to the same kind of progra?

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    I agree...most of these chiro (natural) ways to cure scoliosis are a load of bunk. I was going to go woth Dr. Woggon at the Clear Institute until I learned that he did not accept any insurance of any kind AND that his email was an address.....something suspicious there. I also read that the supposed reduction in curves were do to incorrect measurements of cobb angles and by having patients breath in deeply for the intiial (pre threatment) xray and then having patients hold their breath and not break (lungs devoid of air) for the post xray...of course this would show a decrease in curve...but not a legitimate decrease!!
    28 years old. Dx at age 14.

    1994 20T/20L
    1998 22T/20L
    2002 30T/28L
    2006 34T/28L
    2008 43T/34L

    considering surgery in the near future as the curvature is getting progressively worse and for pain management.

    XRAYS and pics at 28 years old.

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    Angry I was a patient of Arthur Copes

    I was a patient of Arthur Copes back in 1999 to 2001 or 2002, when I was in my teens. I wore several braces throughout my treatment in this program. Most of the braces I wore did what they were supposed to do, correct my spine. The last one I wore made my back worse. My experience with Arthur Copes was not very positive. I did not like him for one second. Arthur Copes was rude and he was definitely not a people person. One time, at one of my appointments, he told my mother, as I sat there listening, that if I did not cooperate and wear the brace, she could hit me in the face and that would get me to comply. I have lung capacity issues that do not have anything to do with scoliosis and the brace made that situation worse. I had trouble breathing and I felt constricted. Also, when my mother asked any questions about the brace's effects my lungs, Copes did not answer them and changed the subject. After I found out that Copes was a quack, my family and I did a lot of research on him and his legal situation. Unfortunately, because he did not physically harm me, I do not have a case.

    There are other treatment options out there, which I am exploring. I found one treatment method that has been working very well for me.
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    Scoliocolorado, I'm interested to know about that treatment method.. if you want to talk anout it.

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