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Thread: Hip pain caused by scoliosis...????

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrnyc View Post
    got 9 a.m. appt last minute at vet...
    lab report says Sparky has doggie version of resistant to meds...said some meds that work on bacteria too dangerous
    to give dogs...
    now is on doxi and also gave me non steroid anti inflammatory
    chewable med but in 8 years Sparky has never wanted to chew
    a medication made for chewing. also gave him fluids today.
    check in about a week to see if antibiotic pills helping...

    my spine is so tight that the hot water is only helping me
    as long as i stand in shower....
    so i will be back and forth into shower alot today/tonite. even with oxycontin and hydrocodone off and on, the tightness does not quit...gorilla will not let go...and snow storm on the way makes things worse...spring looks so far away.

    Jess... If you have access to a hot tub, I think you might find it miraculous. At one time in my distant pass, my neck was so bad that I couldn't lie down or sit down. It was exhausting and I wanted to slip my wrist. I would stand under the hot shower until it turned cool. Then, get out and walk around for a few hours to give the hot water heater time to recharge. I was able to find to get to a hot tub, and the difference was night and day. I've never felt so relieved.

    Sorry about Sparky. MRSA is a tough opponent. Hope you find something that works.

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    Hope you and Sparky feel better soon.


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