Maybe my last post was vague. 2,000 views and not one of you talked to me?

I have two bulging discs. Above and below the Harrington Rod. Equals two. One above. One below.

It is the way of it. Nothing we can do. Great surgery -- the Harrington Rod.

I have twice been in leadership in both the Scoliosis Association and the National Scoliosis Foundation.

I expect at least someone to reach back. My peers. Kids like me who know what a Scoli Girl or Guy is.

I have some good news. I have twice been to physical therapy now. I don't know why PT had such a bad rap save maybe times have changed. Physical therapists are more educated and independent?

I saw a PT last week. He didn't have an MRI, CT, x-ray or anything but he could feel with his hands things were wrong. With my hamstrings.

I know we all have our pain and periods of time without some. Bliss. Won't you please share a few experiences about PT? I am willing to be as blunt as possible and describe what happened and how it's helping this time with lumbar. Knew the sucker ws going out when I figured out how to post a signature here. Now it's gone.

Here's the easiest way my ortho explained things after an MRI. See (he's showing me my spine) how all this white? (disc to disc) and here? Nothing.

I know maybe I have scared you but some of you have scared me: I just-didn-t-want-to think about it.

So what are you in like situations doing? Greatest drugs ever or effective PT? Depression, alcoholism, oh come on. Don't think I refuse for a second if someone I trust has an extra half Vicadin.

Anyone remember how pitiful PT was at 13, 14? I do. I was mortified but then what didn't mortify most of us 30 years ago? In a brace?

Can we talk? I was hear a few years ago and many of us opened up. Now I would appreciate dialogue again. I was just so amazed by this guy who felt my body, put me through some paces (I don't mean exercise --- crap -- he grabbed my ankles on each side and pulled me apart ---- ahhhhhh! But I am telling you this is the most normal I have had in almost a year. I can sit! Without constant shifting, depressive thoughts, etc. or groans) and walk, mostly.

I am not on drugs and Ibuprofen is smack anyway but oh those Vicadin. But I have none and will not pursue it.

C'mon. Commonality. We did it before. Just share. It's not like our real names are here. Don't you think I know about intimacy, struggle, being a "good girl" never complaining and so on? Just can't understand 2,000 views and no one speaking. What are we being studied? Whose viewing my words? C'mon scoli kids. We are a unique class, prob very successful at our jobs.