Okay. First off don't anyone scare me. Can you explain what some of you call standing forward?

I am 49 now. Call it whatever you want. Bulging discs. Whatever. The cartilage is gone and there "is no cure."

To the positive I went for physical therapy five years ago for Disc 3 and 4 (would have to look up if you really need to know.) VERY positive results. My PT taught me what my MRI showed and how to stay out of pain. Want to know?

I feel a radiating pain come into my shoulder. I tilt my head and neck left. Uncomfortable but I escape anything further and driving? No ladies and gents. I am in the car and I feel it coming on? No more 10 and 2 p.m. for me. I let loose and hold the wheel at 8 p.m. and 4 p.m. There are other exercises but these work for me. Every time for five years.

Now comes the back end. Feels like something is broken back there and it is. I am very grateful for surgery performed so early on at 15 but ... oh god. What happens now. Standing, walking, sleeping ... I love my couch and the chair I sit in now. I start physical therapy for this round this week.

No cure. Wow I have some friends who have the greatest of drugs. I don't see doping as my long term therapy. I have hope in therapy. Nix Aleve. Yack. Celebrex? Haven't tried it. I hope I luck out again on a physical therapist.

I send this as encouragement (on physical therapy) but also ... what are you guys talking about when you say you are standing forward? You know it's like I think I am stretching myself but really I am leaning forward which is a stretch but some of you seem to be walking this way. What?

Please don't scare me and for anyone doing an MRI? Go visit the facility and ask them questions BEFORE the MRI. Some of you here and some others outside scared the beejeebees out of me into thinking I was going to fry. So take your Xanax or Valium, have some drive, think of great things that go with loud sound (I thought about Star Trek and more peaceful places like a lake)... and don't drive the rest of us crazy.

I want to use some swear words in the meanwhile to describe what I am feeling. How about an acronym? WTF. I hope I posted this in the right place. Houston Girl you out there? LOL meanwhile I had some other complication and that's where my disintegration showed up. Hey it was a CT for my kidneys for a bladder infection but there old scoli was and right there in the report. So pissed me off.