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    TLSO Brace

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how many of you were or are required to wear a brace post surgery. And if you did, how long did you wear it for. I am fitted for and wearing a TLSO brace which is not the greatest thing, but by far not as bad as the Milwaukee brace I had to wear as a teen.

    My doctor has kind of avoided the question of how long I will need to wear it. He knows if he gives me a time frame I'll hold him to it and I'm sure that's why he won't.

    But anyway, as I sit and basically eat my way through recovery, this was just a question that I had thought of.


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    My doctor wanted me to wear it for 3 months and after that for as long as I felt I needed it. After the surgery, she wanted me to wear it any time I was out of bed. At my 6 weeks follow-up appointment, she said I can start taking it off for 15-30 min 3 times a day. At my 3 months appointment, she said that I can take off the brace for as long as tolerated. I hated that thing and my immediate response was: "What if I can tolerate to never wear this brace again?". Dr. Hu said to go for it, but my back will get tired and she suggested to wear it on my walks outside of the house. I barely wore the brace after 3 months appointment - mainly when I was going out grocery shopping. My back did get tired in the beginning, but I was so happy to be without this brace and look normal, that these little aches didn't bother me much. At 4 months, I retired that thing to the garage.

    These TLSO braces are given us for protection purposes only. It's not a treatment, but a good safety measure if you God forbid fall or forget about your restrictions and try to do some prohibited move, this brace will save you. I had a computer in my head in regards to movements because I thought about it so much even before the surgery. I never, swear to God, did any BLT during those critical first 3 months and thought about every step and movement I did, so I felt confident without the brace. But people who tend to brake rules, may find wearing the brace longer beneficial.

    Good luck with your recovery, Chris!
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    Actually, yes. I have wondered if I had worn a brace if I would not have stupidly sat down really awardly on my bed at 9 weeks post op and (I think) messed up my left pelvic screw. I wasn't given one, but I think they can be a good thing.
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