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Thread: Dr. Hey does a beautiful hypercorrection on a T50 - L60 Curve

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    Dr. Hey does a beautiful hypercorrection on a T50 - L60 Curve

    Neither curve appears to be >10* post op so she technically doesn't have scoliosis any more.
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    The kids come out so clean sometimes....from 60 degrees to just about 0 is great.

    Having that 60 at age 11 is alarming....

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    Poor girl! She had such a big surgery at such a young age! I feel bad because she will be so restricted age such a young age. Wow dr hey did a fabulous job! I my spine is almost like hers but I'm like 5 degrees when she's like 0

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    Brilliant! I wonder what the new technique was. That's one very lucky little girl. I bet Mom and Dad can't get the grins off their faces.
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    How amazing!
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