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Thread: Not sure what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    I went to my family doctor and he organized the X-rays, I have an appointment with a rehab specialist to do exercises I think.. I would honestly prefer surgery to correct the curve and get rid of the pain
    Well actually you appear to have a small curve that might be amenable to PT for pain. Also, you appear to have a lumbar curve and if you had that fused you would notice a loss in flexibility. I doubt a surgeon would fuse a small curve in the lumbar in a very young person unless every conservative method failed at least once and you were still in pain and maybe not even then.
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    U seem to be in the 20-35 range u need the LEAST 40 (preferably 50) surgery won't benefit u much I think there are more cons than pros in your case if u do get surgery.
    You won't gain a lot(may be less than an inch) in height, you will have pain for a couple months and u will lose fexiblitity . Try bending down without moving the lower part of ur back. The best thing u can do for ur case I my opinion is exercise and stay active. My surgeon says thar most inactive people will have back pain

    Best of luck

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    went for a bone scan where they injected me with stuff, waiting for the results

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    Good luck!

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    Hey Marc,
    Welcome to the forum.
    Felt really bad to see increase in the list of scolsurvivors...
    You structure seems not so worst And hopefully you will have a very little curve.So,it will be better that you should not waste the time....
    Ask your dr to tell you the measurements of the curve.Try your level best to save yourself from surgery.But incase you are recomemnded surgery as necessary than try to find a very very good specialist surgeon..

    Wish you all the best..
    We wil pray That God put you off from this trouble soon

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